South Central Hockey Leagues


As of the 2021/22 season South Central Hockey is responsible for all local adult competitions & hockey activity in the Area introducing new leagues and standardised regulations.

Adult Leagues consist of both men and women’s sections. There are 23 men’s and 21 women’s league, spilt into local areas.

The top teams are playing in the Premier divisions 1 & 2 and Divisions 1 North and South. Regional leagues are Thames, Cherwell, Forest and Solent.

Please note the Grade of the divisions your teams are playing in, as this will impact how the league regulations affect each team. EHL divisions are Grade 1 and Area divisions are Grades 2 to 5. There will be a new Game Management System (GMS) in place and all of the fixtures for all areas will be entered into this. Club and team contacts will have access to the relevant parts of the GMS, and full training will be given. Clubs will need to enter venues and times for all fixtures within a given timescale. The system will also incorporate the appointment of officials. 

An important part of this system is that every player will need to register on the system and this will form the basis for online teamsheets for every game, irrespective of area or level of the game. This player registration will ensure that a fair selection policy is maintained, guided by the regulations, and a transfer process if players wish to move clubs. The League Regulations referred to above are in the final stages of approval and will be issued shortly.

Fixtures for the new season can be found in the 'Adult Hockey' section of this website