South Central Hockey SXP Instructions


Selection Exemption Pass Instructions

A Selection Exemption Pass must be completed before the expectation of a player needing to be exempt from the Fair Selection Regulations for a designated period.  Section 8 and Appendix 4 of the Adult League Regulations must be consulted before completion of the form, and if necessary, advice sought from the relevant Divisional Secretary.  The SXP must be submitted 72 hours before the start time (as recorded in GMS) of the first (or only) game for which the exemption will apply. Missing this timeline will be an immediate rejection of the request.

The completed form is to be sent to

It's important to understand that all SXPs are subject to approval by the ALMC, and approval is not to be assumed. The exemption is only in place when the form is returned with approval from the ALMC. Retrospective SXPs will only be issued in very exceptional circumstances, with the explicit approval of the ALMC.