Junior Leagues & Competitions

Information on Junior Leagues & Competitions in the South Central Area


South Central Area Junior Working Group has been working both locally and nationally on the Junior Competition Framework and Regulations for the 23/24 season. Please find along the right-hand side of this page documents relating to the Junior Competition which we hope will help with planning for your junior activity.  Fixtures have been entered into the Game Management System (GMS) and clubs will be responsible for entering venue details, and match times and ensuring all their team contacts are kept up to date. The Regulations for 2023-2024 have been published and can be found on this page on the right-hand side.

The Schools' Competitions run by the Counties/Sub-areas and Areas are also being reviewed for 2023-2024 and information on the proposed formats and regulations will be available shortly.  

For any queries please check the contact list.

Help in the understanding of the junior regulations

Are you coaching, managing, administering or volunteering in a junior team that play in any U14, U16, or U18 Area league competitions or England Hockey Championships?  If so, along with England Hockey, we've created a couple of videos that further explain and give tips on what you need to do before, during, and after a game, along with some best practice advice to ensure you are adhering to the Junior Regulations.

If your team play games outside of these competitions, then please do watch video 2 where you will find helpful tips on how to manage the game when one side is heavily outplaying the other.

https://youtu.be/Leh5SUllwW0  - Part One

https://youtu.be/EsZuJaz3N5Q  - Part Two