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Challenge Cup

We have an exciting proposal for a brand new tournament including teams from the Thames, Solent, Forest, and Cherwell divisions from the 24/25 season onwards. The organising committee is fully staffed and ready, now all we require is some competitors for the inaugural South Central Challenge Cup!

What is the proposal?

• A group stage leading to a knockout tournament for teams competing in the area leagues across South Central (Thames, Cherwell, Solent & Forest leagues).

• 2 Cup competitions (A Women's and a Men's)

• Teams would be sorted into small groups with successful teams progressing to knockouts.

• Games would run across the regular season and be scheduled flexibly but roughly follow the same calendar as the nationwide England Hockey Championships (using slip weeks and occasional Sundays).

• A finals day event hosted at a neutral venue.

What’s in it for your club?

• More hockey! Every team would be guaranteed at least two fixtures (one home, one away), with eventual finalists most likely playing five, depending on uptake.

• Development opportunities: More playing time for the lower division or ‘development’ squads in high-stakes fixtures.

• Competition: Enter a knockout competition where you are guaranteed at least two competitive games, have a realistic shot at going far, and will not have to travel for hours for the privilege.

• Bragging rights: Play new teams you would not normally meet, or get one over on your local rivals, and maybe take home some silverware for your club house at the end!

If you're interested please email areacup@southcentral.hockey. This doesn't mean you have officially signed up but means we can gauge numbers and we can then contact you around next steps.


Q: Why is there a new cup competition?

A: We felt that Teams in the Area Leagues currently have no viable cup competition to enter as the National Cups have a large disparity of playing ability and can lead to lots of travel. Teams are still able to enter the England Hockey Club Championships if they wish.

Q: Who is Eligible?

A: Men and Women’s teams playing in any of the Solent, Thames, Forest or Cherwell Leagues.

Q: How far will I have to travel?

A: Fixtures will be arranged to optimise travel time whilst still attempting to provide variation of opposition. Travel for group stage games should not significantly exceed what you would be expected to travel for a standard league fixture. Each team will play at least one game at home during the Group stage.

Q: Who will arrange pitch hire and umpires?

A: Home teams will be responsible for pitch hire and umpires except for the finals day event when a neutral venue and centrally appointed umpires will be provided. All fixtures will be on GMS.

Q: Will there be a cost?

A: There will be a nominal entry fee to cover the costs of the competition. This is TBC and will depend on how many teams enter but it will be less than the EH Championship fees.

Q: Is there a mixed option?

A: No, we will run a separate competition for Men and for Women.

Q: How many teams can I enter?

A: While we assess interest, we will be starting with one team per club. However, if you have multiple teams eligible you can select players from any of these teams.

Contact: chair.adultleagues@southcentral.hockey for more information