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Frozen Pitches

Frozen pitches caused problems this last weekend, overall about 50 fixtures were postponed.

Team contacts are requested to add their contact telephone number into GMS, there have been several issues where the home team has not been able to contact their opposition on the day (frozen pitch, etc, etc)

If a fixture is called off for inclement weather team admins MUST inform the relevant Divisional Secretary immediately. The fixture will be moved, by the relevant Divisional Secretary, to the next reserve/slip date and the teams concerned will be informed that:

The fixture of such and such date has been moved to the next slip date which is….. HOWEVER, If BOTH TEAMS AGREE the fixture can be played before the rearranged date but the relevant Divisional Secretary must be kept informed to enable the date to be changed.

These are the slip dates for the rest of the season

  • Sun 10th December
  • Sat 16th December
  • Sat 6th January 
  • Sun 4th February
  • Sat 17th February
  • Sun 3rd March
  • Sun 24th March
  • Sun 7th April
  • Sun 14th April
  • Sun 21st April