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Promotions and Relegation

Clubs have been enquiring as to whether the promotion and relegation lines will be entered on GMS. It is our intention to do so shortly.

Clubs will be aware that any decision on promotion and relegation is dependent on what team (if any) come down from the Conference Leagues.

Unfortunately for South Central there is a strong possibility of THREE teams coming down from the Women’s Conference Leagues and we have therefore set the lines with that expectation throughout the Women’s leagues.

On the Men’s side we are hoping that Fareham and Banbury are safe, so no relegation from the Conference Leagues.

This could all change over the next few weeks but we are giving you the worst-case scenario, especially on the women’s side.

We will endevour to have 12 team leagues, wherever possible next season

 We will also need to consider the positioning of new teams (if any) that might wish to move from other areas.