• Governance

Selection Exemption Pass

We would like to remind all clubs of the benefit of the Selection Exemption Pass (SXP) (clause 8.6 of the Area Adult League Regulations).  

An SXP allows for a proactive, collaborative approach between the clubs and the league to determine BEFORE a match is played whether a selection fits within the Fair Selection rules.  The league regulations cannot possibly specify every single  instance where a selection may need to occur that may be deemed unfair by the league or your opposition.  

The onus is on the club to understand whether a discussion is required and to instigate the process with their league officials.

There are already many good examples across South Central where this has been used to a positive outcome but there are also situations where an SXP not being used is to the detriment of the clubs involved.  The simple guidance is, if you have ANY doubt, ask.