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Talent Academy

Coaches from schools, clubs and counties can nominate players for a Talent Academy assessment.

Coaches have until 01 May 2024 to submit their nominations via an online form. Guidance regarding the nomination process can be found on the Talent Academy web pages and includes:

  • A link to the online Nomination Form.
  • The Player Identification and Selection Process – the full guidance of the process that players should experience.
  • Talent Academy Identification and Selection Guidance – the process a Talent Academy will adopt to identify and select potential players.
  • Talent Academy Club Mapping – provides a map of each Talent Academy catchment area based on club location.
  • Talent Academy ID Events – showing when Talent Academies run their open assessment events during the cycle.

The open assessment opportunity is the first stage for players to enter their local Talent Academy.

If you require any further information, please contact talentacademy@englandhockey.co.uk