South Central Officiating


EHO has been set up, by England Hockey, to be the club to which all officials must belong.  There are three levels of membership.

Gold membership – for umpires who intend to take regular neutral appointments, from their chosen Area(s).

Silver membership – for umpires who will mostly be umpiring for their local club, but who may wish to undertake a handful of appointed neutral matches in a season (and so the Silver membership also includes insurance cover).

Bronze membership, for umpires who will be umpiring for their club.

Umpires who are keen to progress their umpiring, but do not yet feel able to commit to regularly umpiring neutral appointed matches, should consider the Silver membership, as this will offer the option of seeking coaching and development assistance from the Area. Umpires who are able to commit to more neutral appointments, and wish to progress their umpiring career towards higher level matches, should choose the Gold option.